April, 2020



News from Gloucestershire County Council

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News from Cotswold District Council

Cotswold District Council confirms there are no changes to recycling and general household waste collections over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Residents are asked to present their bins and containers as per their regular collection schedule.

The Council is calling on residents to do all they can to limit waste and recycling presented for collection so that crews can keep up with demand and provide the safest and best possible service.

To ensure services continue safely and promptly the Council urges residents to properly sort their recycling and to fill containers carefully.

Well sorted recycling means crews can make collections more quickly and helps limit their contact with waste. Please use the pre-sorting guidance found on the council website:

Households are also being advised to choose products that have less packaging in order to reduce waste.

Ubico staff are working hard with a reduced workforce to complete collections and the much higher volumes of recycling being presented stretch their capacity. This leads to missed rounds when the collection vehicles capacity has been reached.

Councillor Andrew Doherty, Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: “I’d like to thank our waste crews for keeping collections running as smoothly as possible during these times. We’re doing everything we can to reduce the risk to them and the wider public and I hope people recognise the challenges our workforce faces. Our collection crews are key workers providing an essential service to the district and we need to have stringent measures in place to reduce the risk to them and residents. Please show your support for the crews who are working hard through challenging times by following the guidance and instructions that we provide. The majority of issues with collections are due to the very high volumes currently being presented and I ask residents to take extra care to limit the amount of waste and recycling you present at the kerbside. Please help us to help you.”


* You MUST separately bag potentially personal waste (like tissues) and cleaning products (disposable cleaning cloths). Leave that bag aside for at least 72 hours before placing in your residual waste bin.
* Please don’t put your used tissues in the paper recycling box – even if no-one in your household is showing symptoms. Used tissues are unhygienic, potentially infectious and an unnecessary health risk for our crews. Used tissues are not recyclable.
* If anyone in your household is showing Covid-19 symptoms you must follow the Public Health England guidance on disposing of your waste.


Library Newsletter April 2020

Gloucestershire County Council sent this bulletin at 03-04-2020 03:55 PM BST

To read the library Newsletter, please click HERE.



Misses in the following areas yesterday (below):

Grove Hill, Daglingworth – Food Waste

Lower End, Daglingworth – Food Waste

Jack Barrow Road, Daglingworth – Food Waste

If your FOOD WASTE has not been collected, please leave your bin out. It will be collected as soon as possible.

News from Cotswold District Council

03 Apr 2020

Council leaders urge residents to “stay at home” with good weather ahead

Residents across the Cotswolds are being urged to stick strictly to the Government’s advice and stay at home in the coming days and weeks, with the peak of the coronavirus pandemic yet to come.

Cotswold District Council leader, Joe Harris, said: “Spring is most definitely upon us now, with the evenings getting lighter and the temperature starting to rise. And with sunshine expected this weekend, residents might be tempted to head out to enjoy our beautiful area.

“Cotswold residents have been amazing so far at adjusting their lifestyles, following the Government’s advice and staying at home, what I’m asking of you all is to keep it up. Stay at home and do not add to the risk posed to you and others, including those closest to you.
Government guidance is very clear, and it is vital that we follow it.

“In recent weeks I’ve seen first-hand how our communities are working together and we need to keep doing that now. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future for enjoying the outdoors,” he added.

“If people locally or nationally become complacent now, we run the risk of substantially increasing the rate of infection and adding to the pressure on the health service, this could also end up extending the lockdown. Please abide by the rules and stay at home to protect
yourself, protect the NHS and save lives. Thank you.”


[1] https://news.cotswold.gov.uk/news/council-leaders-urge-residents-to-stay-at-home-with-good-weather-ahead
[2] https://news.cotswold.gov.uk/resources/stay-home-protect-the-nhs-save-lives
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COVID-19: businesses update 03 April

Your country needs you!

The Government is encouraging businesses that can help with the COVID response to sign up and let them know how they can contribute. The support needed includes:

  • medical testing equipment
  • medical equipment design
  • protective equipment for healthcare workers, such as masks, gowns and sanitiser
  • hotel rooms
  • transport and logistics, for moving goods or people
  • manufacturing equipment
  • warehouse or office space, for medical use or storage
  • expertise or support on IT, manufacturing, construction, project management, procurement or engineering
  • social care or childcare

Please sign up below if your business can help.


Business grants – send us your form

If you are eligible for either the Small Business Grant Fund or the Cash Grant for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure businesses and you haven’t let us have the details we need to make the payment, please download the form from our website, complete it and return it to the council.


Webinars to help access support

HMRC is delivering a programme of webinars during the COVID-19 crisis to support employers, employees and the self-employed through this period of disruption. They explain how to access the various strands of support. You can watch the first recorded webinar and register for future webinars using the link below.

Go to the HMRC webinars

Protection for commercial tenants

Commercial tenants who cannot pay their rent because of COVID-19 will be protected from eviction. These measures, set out in the Coronavirus Act, mean no business will automatically forfeit their lease and be forced out of their premises if they miss a payment up until 30 June.

The tenants will still be liable for the rent at the end of the period but these measures are designed to ease concerns about cashflow and of losing business premises. There is no application process and no action is required although we do recommend maintaining a dialogue with your landlord so they are aware of your plans.

CBILS loan scheme improved

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) has been amended following feedback from business organisations. Yesterday’s announcement included:

  • current loan scheme extended so more small businesses can benefit
  • lenders banned from requesting personal guarantees on loans under £250,000
  • new scheme announced to bolster support for larger firms not currently eligible for loans

The Government is putting pressure on the banks to move quickly to support applications to the scheme.

Updated Business Interruption Loan Scheme

Pay it Forward

Crowdfunder has set up the ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme so businesses can generate advanced sales of their goods or services to be redeemed when the COVID isolation restrictions come to an end. Enterprise Nation is also helping with the scheme by providing free training and support for business with online sales, marketing and finance.

Pay it Forward

Other helpful organisations

Several business groups are coming up trumps with help and advice for businesses. The ones below are good but do also check the trade association for your own sector.

UK Hospitality – represents the broad hospitality sector – covering everything from bars, coffee shops, contract catering, hotels, nightclubs, visitor attractions and other leisure venues.

Summary of business support

The Government’s business support website sets out the full range of business support measures that have been made available to UK businesses and employees.

Government business support website

Keeping up to date

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COVID-19 Latest information and advice

The council Coronavirus web pages have updates about business support, communities and leisure, bins and recycling, elections and council meetings, planning, building and council news.

Visit our website


Updates in Gloucestershire

New information about Free School Meals provision during the Easter Holidays

  • Stop Loan Sharks campaign and helpline – this is a time of increased financial pressure for
    some people. Find out more at www.stoploansharks.co.uk and please share the helpline number 0300 555 2222 
  • Cllr Mark Hawthorne was part of a thank you message to all frontline workers with BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Daily stats

  • Total UK Tests – 163,194
  • Total UK Cases – 33,718   
  • Total UK Deaths – 2,921
  • Total Confirmed Cases in South West – 1,254   
  • Total Confirmed Cases in Gloucestershire –  208 
  • Total Deaths in Gloucestershire – 16*
  • *publicly available data on deaths in NHS Trusts, based on where the patient died

Help hub stats

The helpline is now open 8am-8pm on weekdays and 9am-4pm on weekends. As of 2 April, the following responses have been received:

  • I can offer help –2365
  • I need help – 1328
  • Someone I know needs help – 440
  • My business can help – 198

National updates

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Cotswold District Council is calling on all residents to present their recycling correctly and do all they can to limit the amount of waste they are generating while social distancing measures are in place.

The Council’s waste collection contractor, Ubico, is working incredibly hard to ensure essential services continue whilst residents adhere to government guidance and stay at home to support the measures limiting the spread of Coronavirus.

Cllr Andrew, Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: “To deliver services and minimise the risk to the crews, we ask all residents to present their waste and recycling correctly. Information on the new collection service and how to present food, waste and recycling at the kerbside can be found on the Council’s website.

“Unsurprisingly, with many of our residents adjusting to social distancing and working from home, there has been an increase in recycling. We are particularly seeing a significant increase in food waste being presented for collection. It’s important that residents try to limit waste during this crisis, to allow our people to cope with increased demand.

“Covid-19 does impact the availability of our staff. They have to self-isolate, take time-off sick and support their families in the same way as the rest of us. We ask for your patience at this time and ask that you check our website for updates before phoning to report missed
collections. I would like to thank all of our residents for bearing with us during this disruption.”

For the latest information on any disruptions to waste and recycling services, please check our website:



DOMESTIC ABUSE SUPPORT:  Staying at home can be stressful. If you’re concerned that a neighbour, friend or family member could be experiencing domestic abuse please do something. Give them a call or a text and setup a code word if they’re in need of urgent help. Please remember never to confront a perpetrator or talk to a victim in front of them.

If you’re concerned about someone, or need help, tell us at www.gloucestershire.police.uk, by calling 101, or in an emergency by calling 999.

Helpful links:

CONCERN FOR VULNERABLE RESIDENTS:  Cotswold Neighbourhood Police Team have been out today and had a report of an elderly man in Moreton who hadn’t been seen for a few days. We managed to get him to answer the door and on speaking to him found he hadn’t eaten for coupe of days. We went immediately to a local store where we got him some essentials. We have now referred him to Cotswold Friends in Moreton who are one of the voluntary groups helping make sure no one is overlooked.

Please look out for vulnerable neighbours due the lockdown. Cotswold Friends are still operating but from homes – 01608 651415 – info@cotswoldfriends.org