May, 2020

Updates: May 29th

Highways England – A417 Missing Link At Air Balloon

To read an update on the A417 Missing Link road scheme, please click HERE.

To access more information on the A417 Missing Link, please click HERE.

Updates: May 13th

From Mark Connelly, Land Management Officer, Cotswolds Conservation Board

Dear Parishioners,

As we head once more into the verge mowing season, we would like to remind you of the guidance on the Management of Roadside Verges contained within the Cotswold Conservation Board’s position statement.

With the continuing loss of wild flower rich grasslands and the pollinators and other insects and wildlife they support, road verges are becoming increasingly important for biodiversity. Unfortunately, each year over-zealous or poorly timed mowing beyond the required safety cuts by the highway authority around junctions etc,  leads to the loss of wildflowers including orchids.

The Position Statement is available on the Board’s website:

Updates: May 12th

From Ermin Ward Cllr Julia Judd:

To read important updated related to Covid-19, please click HERE:

Updates: May 6th

VE Day Stay- At- Home Celebration!

Dear Parishioners,

As you know, the VE Day Celebrations have been postponed. Members of the Village Hall Committee have suggested that we mark the occasion by placing some flags, bunting or posters on our gates, windows, or other visible places. I found a government website, which has detailed information about TV and Radio events on VE Day, a suggested plan for a stay-at-home VE Day Party, as well as printable posters and bunting templates. You can access the website by clicking HERE.

Carol Brady suggested another useful website with VE Day resources. Click HERE to access the website.

If you know of any websites with downloadable free VE Day resources, please forward them to me by email, so that I can post them on the website.

I hope you are all well and keeping sage! Please check the website as often as you can as I post messages as they arise.

Best regards,

Sonia Pritchard

Updates: May 5th

From Cotswold District Council Communications Team:

Garden Waste collection to restart in Cotswold District

Cotswold District Council has announced that fortnightly garden waste collections will restart from Wednesday 13 May.

Cllr Andrew Doherty, Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: “Over the last few weeks we have needed to use our garden waste vehicles and crews to support the main waste and recycling collections while some staff have had to take time off sick, to self-isolate or to look after loved ones affected by Covid-19. During that time our team has worked hard, alongside our waste partner Ubico, to find a way to return these vehicles and crews to their normal rounds.

“We are now able to resume garden waste collections and they will be operating to the published collection schedule. Customers due for a collection next Wednesday (13th May) will be the first to receive it.

“We know that people may have accumulated green waste during the lockdown and we ask that you continue to keep composting. We’d also like to encourage residents to join in with Plantlife UK’s “No Mow May” ( campaign to help wildlife in your garden and lower the demand on the service as we restart it.

“I’d like to thank the 22,000 households who have been affected by the suspension for their patience. I would also commend the crews who have worked tirelessly to keep the essential waste and recycling services running for all 45,000 households in our district.”

The Council has announced that garden waste collections will resume on Wednesday 13 May on the following basis:

  • Collections will be operating to the published collection schedule (see calendar);
  • The service is available to all customers who hold 2019/20 garden waste licence(s)
  • We will only collect what is in the CDC garden waste bins and bags
  • No side waste will be accepted;
  • Crew safety means we cannot collect significantly overloaded bins;
  • There will be no additional or catch-ups for collections;
  • Existing licences have been extended and we will process renewals in June

Cllr Doherty, added: “We are anticipating a risk that we may not always be able to collect from all properties on their scheduled day. In these circumstances, we advise residents to leave their bins presented until they have been emptied, which should be the next day.”

Gloucestershire County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres are not yet reopening, in line with Government advice around what is and isn’t an essential journey.

Updates: May 1st

Library Newsletter May 2020

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